Project Description

Island Units & Stools

Island Units & Stools are used in many of our larger kitchens or kitchen/living spaces to segregate areas, provide extra cooking or eating space and also house a number of appliances.

We’ve produced square, angled, round, rustic and elaborate islands. Where we provide island units with overhangs to allow seating, we often provide stools to match. Usually, islands are set at the same height as the base units in the kitchen but as per clients request, we have lowered to table height. In the instance of the Misted Oak Island shown here, part of the island is at worktop height and part lowered to table height to allow for multiple uses.

Most of our larger islands have sinks or hobs set into the worktop, and the pictures also show cookers and wine coolers built underneath. What the pictures unfortunately don’t show however, are the fully integrated fridges, dishwashers, and stainless steel bins also housed in the island units.