Project Description

Misted Oak Kitchen

When looking for pale coloured furniture, the usual choice is to opt for painted. If you still want to see the beauty of the wood however, a good option is to ‘mist’ the wood. This kitchen was produced in Oak, which was then given a thin white ‘mist’ coat beneath the lacquer. This process leaves the wood an overall pale cream colour with the beauty of the grain highlighted by the misting and the natural colour of the wood occasionally glowing through.

This kitchen is located at one end of an open plan living area with a beamed and vaulted ceiling. The kitchen flows from the tall cupboards angled to frame the Gothic arch windows, past the central working part of the kitchen with large island unit. One end of the island has been lowered to table height while the other end contains a ‘flying’ hob which allows the cook to pull up a stool while they prepare the lunch and chat to friends and family gathered at the octagonal table in the central eating area. The full height bookcase in the centre of the room ties the kitchen furniture at one end of the room, with the cosy red seating area at the other.